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Visit visa to Canada from Bangladesh

Visit Visa To Canada From Bangladesh Requirements | ESL

Visit visa to Canada from Bangladesh is the easiest visa process of Canada. Therefore Canada is a peaceful country of North America. It is one of the most beautiful country in the world. It is the second largest country in the world for its total area. It has ten provinces and three territories. The application process for Canadian visit visa takes very short times period for approval. The procedures of getting visit visa are step by step describing below.

What is Visit visa or TRV

Visit visa is mainly for long time travel in Canada. Visit visa also called as “TRV (Temporary Residence Visa)” and “Multiple visa”. Generally Visit visa issued for 6 months to 10 years long. If there any relatives lives in Canada you can visit them by TRV.   Canada is well known for immigration, foreign student, and visit destinations also. Visitors and workers can extend their stay in Canada about 5 years long.

There are two types of visit visa in Canada.

  1. Single entry
  2. Multiple entry

“Single entry” is for only one time travel in Canada and “Multiple entry” is for multiple time visit in Canada. There is no need to apply every time for visa again until the expiry of original visa.

Steps to follow to apply for Canada visit visa

  • Determine the method you will apply:

You can apply by two ways for visit visa to Canada from Bangladesh.

Apply online: For apply online you should have a scanner and credit card. They are required in order to able to create electronic copies of your photo and supporting documents.

Apply on paper: To apply on paper download Canada visit visa checklist and application form. Then follow the steps I have mentioned below.

  • Fill out the visit visa application form:

To fill up the application form read the instruction guide carefully. Remember that the completed application form must be included the barcode page. Your application may be returned or refused for incomplete information, documents and fees.

  • Pay the visa application fee:

After successfully fill up the application form you have to pay the fees. You must paid the application fees via bank draft or certified cheque. Do not forget to check the latest fees update in VFS global webpage before paying the visa application fees.

  • Visit Canada Visa Application Centre in Bangladesh:

Visit Canadian visa application center (CVAC) in Bangladesh like VFS Global. Visit there in order to submit your completed application. Remember to carry your all documents like passport, photographs, completed forms, and payment receipt.

  • Submit over your application:

Submit your completed application at CVAC. If you will require to give your fingerprints there, you have to pay the biometrics enrolments fees. In order to submit biometrics prior appointment is mandatory. So you have to schedule an appointment from VFS website for biometrics enrolment.

  • Track your application online:

After submitting successfully all the supporting documents and completed form you will get a unique tracking number. Track your application progress online using this unique tracking number.

Documents you required for Canada tourist visa

Passport copy (Photocopy)

NID copy

Birth certificate

Bank statement

Assets documents

Personal CV

Recent P.P size photo (White background)

Academic certificates photocopy

Last 5 years country visit

Family information

What is VFS Global Canada?

VFS Global is Canada Govt. authorized visa application center.  It authorized to provide exclusive administrative support to visa applicants in Bangladesh. Visit the website of VFS Global which is the only Canadian visa application center (CVAC) in Bangladesh.

Processing time for visit visa to Canada from Bangladesh

Visa processing time for visit visa Canada does not take much time. It takes maximum 30 days or less. It is the shortest time of visa processing in Canada. So it is not so hard to get a visit visa to Canada from Bangladesh. If you want to extend your visit visa duration you have to apply before 30 days of your visa expiration date.

Can I get work permit on visit visa?

You can visit Canada to get a job offer. After getting job offer letter you can apply for work permit. But you cannot apply for work permit staying in Canada, for this reason you have to come back in Bangladesh for applying work permit. Once you have a full time job and you are in Canada with a work visa, then you can apply for your PR.

Reasons for Canada visit visa refusal

Find out the inadmissibility factors for visit visa to Canada from Bangladesh that you may have. There are some reasons for visa refusal that called “inadmissibility”. Such as:

  • If you are a security risk for Canada.
  • Any serious criminal activity records of you.
  • Any serious health problem.
  • If you lied in your application or previous interview etc.

Extension of Canada visit visa

Canada visit visa can be extended. Before 1 month of your original visa expiry date you need to apply for further visa extension. To extend your visa you have to apply again with the same procedures. But this time there will be no hassles to get visa again.

Talk to our counselors

Canada has many beautiful places to visiting. Also by a multiple visa you can visit Canada several many times you want. As It is a most livable city in the world from the United Nations statistics. It is the country of Niagara falls, Massive and beautiful waterfalls, rocky mountains and also green wide lakes. So you should visit this wonderful country for holidays and spend leisure times as well.

We have experienced expertise for Canadian visit visa (TRV). They can take the better responsibility for your visit visa. We will provide your visa success within a short time guaranteed. So get your visit visa to Canada from Bangladesh by Exclusive Services Limited and make a great future. Visit ESL corporate office at Banani or Contact us with the E-mail and mobile number provided in our ESL visa website.

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“Very pleased I chose to go with ESL for my Canada multiple visa. I would recommend ESL very much, their knowledge and understanding is wonderful. Thanks for everything!"

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