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Study In Japan From Bangladesh | Complete solution 2019

Japan is a island country in east Asia. It has a experienced modern civilization. Japanese scientists have won Nobel Prize in Physics, Physiology and Chemistry. You can get the chance for most advanced, technology based  and attracted education opportunities in Japan. You can not just study law, economics, science and technology but it also creates environment, information, disaster prevention, tourism, sports and  popular culture medium. The number of degree programs conducted in English is also increasing day by day in Japan. But if you learn Japanese language before it will great beneficial for work in japan while studying. The reasons behind study in Japan from Bangladesh are many.

Why Studying In Japan ?

Japan has high standards of education and interesting curriculum.

It has well organized for international students financial support and scholarships.

Japan enables you to get job in their country after course completion.

You will get a multicultural and international standards learning environment.

It has world’s most advanced technology based education.

There are a great opportunity to get permanent residence in Japan after study completion.

Costs Of Living In Japan (without admission fees)

An international students (excluding academic fees) average monthly costs of living shown below.

The cost of living in japan is a little more. So before coming to Japan for study be sure about a scholarship. Please make your financial plan carefully before coming to Japan.

  • Accommodation cost : ¥31,000          (BDT 22,140) approximately
  • Food : ¥25,000 (BDT 17,860)
  • Transportation cost : ¥4,000 (BDT 2,860)
  • Insurance costs : ¥2,000 (BDT 1,430)
  • Hobby & Entertainment cost : ¥6,000 (BDT 4,285)
  • Utility Bills : ¥7,000 (BDT 5,000)
  • Other cost : ¥7,000 (BDT 5,000)

According to the Japanese embassy  monthly costs of  study in Japan from Bangladesh is  average ¥82,000 (BDT 58,570). It varies on different  location in japan, and University or program that you will apply for. You can cover your maximum costs if you got a scholarship. As well as a part time job will reduce your living costs in Japan also.

Academic Fees Of Study In Japan From Bangladesh :

The academic fees in Japan are not much in comparison to the United States and Britain. Consequently, Japans courses and tuitions exceptional curriculum is very comprehensive in those countries. You will have to pay 1 years tuition fees for getting student visa.

Among other things, admission fee, tuition fees, first year university cost including facility / equipment utilization fee. The average academic fee for first year is briefly given below.

The average academic fee for the first academic year


Unit: (BDT 1 = Calculates at JPY 1.4)

Graduate School Total (Tuition Fees and Admission Fees)

JPY                                           BDT

National                                                         817,800 ~ 817,800               584,140 ~ 584,140

Local Government                                        900248 ~ 900,248                643,000 ~ 643,000

Private (post-secondary curriculum)          857,665 ~ 1,442,526                        612,600 ~ 1,030,370

Undergraduate Program Total (Tuition Fees and Admission Fees)

National                                                         817,800 ~ 817,800               584,140 ~ 587,140

Local Government                                        931,235 ~ 931,235               665,170 ~ 665,170

Private                                                            1,107,764 ~ 4,860,960        791,260 ~ 3,472,100

Doctorate Program total (Tuition Fees and Admission Fees)

Private                                                            704,082 ~ 1,328,233                        502,900 ~ 948,700

Japanese Language School (Tuition Fees)

1 year course                                                 415,000 ~ 997,400               296,430 ~ 712,430

18 months course                                         772,000 ~ 1,530,000                        551,430 ~ 1,092,860

Work While Study In Japan

It is not possible to cover the study cost without any job in japan for maximum foreign students. According to the survey of JASSO there are 75% international students are working part time in japan to reduce their monthly costs. For working besides study in Japan from Bangladesh you will need to obtain an official permission called “shikakugai katsudo kyoka”.

The first thing to do is to apply for the work permit at the nearest Regional Immigration Bureau. Furthermore this application is fully free of charge. After get  that permission you can work 28 hours per week and during long term break up to 8 hours per day. You can easily find any jobs by Employment magazines and newspaper ads, Jobs notice board of universities, Job related websites, Friend circles, teachers, Classmates etc. You can earn probably 800-2000 JPY  per hour that means  about 1 lac BDT per month . If you learn Japanese language that will be more easy for you.

Scholarships For Bangladeshi Students Japan

  1. Japanese government Scholarship (MEXT scholarship ):

MEXT scholarship (Ministry of education, science and technology ) is a government scholarship. This scholarship is  for  all the international students and also for Bangladeshi students in many category.

  1. JASSO Scholarships (Japan student Services Organization):

This is also a scholarship for international students. It offers M.Scs.  and PhD scholarship also. “Monbukagakusho”  honors  scholarship for privately-financed international students and it is under JASSO scholarship program.

So, Apply to the scholarships by our ESL counselors  and Check your eligibility for this programs. To study in Japan from Bangladesh you will need this great opportunities.

Study Options In Japan

Academic years of Canada education are listed below:

  • Diploma level : 1 to 4 years
  • Advanced diploma : generally 2 or 3 year
  • Bachelor degrees : 4 years or 6 years
  • Master’s degrees : 2 years
  • Doctorate or PhD : generally 5 or 6 years.

Japanese universities normally begins their academic year in April and ends to the following march. First semester lasting through generally from April to September and second semester from October to march. In general universities enroll the students in April and there  are 3 long vacations in Japanese universities.

Visa Processing Times In Japan

Japans student visa processing time depends on your profile information and university where you want to study in. It takes maximum 3 months or less for visa invitation by Japan immigration authority. If your profile information will not be completely arrange it may be delayed or returned also.

Visit To Our Study Counselors

Japan is one of the developed country in Asia. It is well known for its quality education. So Make a plan to study in Japan today and we will help you to assist your success. Our experienced counselors will give you support for achieving scholarship also. We will help you to get IELTS score average 6 requirements by our language training center. Come to our Dhaka office for more discussion about study in Japan from Bangladesh and make your free assessment by our counselors.

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