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China as a country

As an East Asian country China has a large land area of total more than 9.6 square Kilometers. It has more than 7600 islands of every size. It has borders with 14 countries and is adjacent to 8 island countries on the sea. There are 4 municipalities, 23 provinces and 2 special administrative regions in China. Beijing is the capital of China. There are 56 ethnic groups in China, which is a multi-ethnic, multi-lingual, and multi-text country. Mandarin is the common language of China. In this article you will get maximum details overview of study in China with scholarship from Bangladesh.

Why study in China

  • Full and partial scholarships available for Diplomas, Bachelors, Masters & PhD
  • Monthly stipend opportunities available for students
  • World class education recognized among many major nations
  • Universities ranked high among top universities in the world
  • Technology based education system
  • Cheap living and food costs
  • Free hostel living opportunities
  • The biggest industrial output in the world

Costs of living in China

Accommodation Costs:

Maximum students who got scholarship they can live in university hostel or dormitory. But if you could not manage to get any scholarship you have to live in outside hostel, or residence. As the administrative region Beijing and Shanghai are known as expensive cities to live in. But there are some other lower costs cities you can find like Tianjin, Jiangsu or Sichuan.

Here is the list of accommodation costs:

  • Student residence hostels – 150 and 400 USD/month.
  • Renting a flat – 300 and 1,000 USD/month for a one bed
  • Home stay – between 350 and 550 USD/month.

Food costs:

Day by day China is being an interesting study abroad destination. It is famous for its cheap and affordable food costs than other European and western countries.

You can get a meal at the university canteen, a small local restaurant or a fast food chain and it would be cost between 1 and 3 USD. Mid-range dining options would be prices between 4 and 7 USD. On average, around 170 – 200 USD per month would be lead as food bills from local supermarkets. There are also international supermarkets like Wal-Mart, Carrefour and Metro. Also you can get a large shopping bag full of fruits with only 2 to 3 USD.


All the public transports in China are at very low prices like bus, train and even taxi also.  Here is a list of public transportation costs:

  • City bus: 0.3 USD
  • Taxi rate (per km): 0.33 USD
  • Student pass for public transportation costs 15 USD/month

Other costs:

Your books and course materials would be cost around 30-50 USD/semester.  A medical insurance should be issue for around 60 USD for six months.

Available degrees & diplomas

There are two sessions March & September are available in Chinese universities. Here is the List of Degrees and Diplomas with scholarship in China:

BBA (Scholarship available)

Engineering (Scholarship available)

Masters (Scholarship + Stipend available)

PHD (Scholarship + Stipend available)

Diploma (Scholarship + Stipend available)

General Course (Scholarship available)

Language (Scholarship available)

Requirements for study in China from Bangladesh

At first you have to take a strong decision to study in China with Scholarship from Bangladesh. Also you should consult by our expert team to get any help or service. Here is the checklist for necessary documents:

SSC certificate/transcript

HSC certificate/transcript

2 copy PP size Color photo

Passport scan copy

Police clearance

Medical report

Scholarship Facilities

  • Tuition & hostel fees free (If applicable)
  • Monthly stipend 1000 –3500 RMB (If applicable)
  • World class government universities
  • Language of study: English & Chinese
  • Internship Opportunities

Apply to study in China with scholarship

One of the best thing is there is no IELTS required for study in China with Scholarship from Bangladesh. To start the processing you have to select your subject and where you want to study in China. Then you have to submit your documents to us. We will directly apply to some universities for your suitable subject and scholarship. For your kind information we are directly representing 40+ Chinese universities. So it will be easy for us to get you 100% full scholarship in high ranked universities there. Before 1 month you will get your JW202 letter in your hand. Then you will go to embassy for your visa interview.

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